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Our resident UX/UI wizard Aneez Ahmad is constantly thinking about how we can better serve a society that many have sweepingly labelled “well-banked”.

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Aneez Ahmad, GXS Bank’s product manager and resident UX/UI wizard remembers a time when his parents weren’t able to eat with the family because they were struggling to put food on the table. This memory drives him and keeps him up at night. How can banking bring us closer to the people we love? And how do we better serve a society that many have sweepingly labelled “well-banked”? 

Why do you like working in a startup?

If you work in an established industry like banking or healthcare, you tend to work in a larger organisation where you are a small fish in a big pond and there’s very little control or input. Having the chance to build from zero to one was an exciting opportunity I couldn’t pass on. 

A lot of the problems startups are trying to solve aren't black-and-white with straightforward answers. I love understanding why things are the way they are and that’s why getting involved from the very beginning is so exciting. 

What goes into the designing and building of a brand new digital bank app? 

Revolutionalising an industry is inherently hard. A lot of sweat and tears goes into building a bank like GXS. You're not just dealing with the new tech and the fancy designs, you're also dealing with mindset shifts and that is the hardest part.

This is what we come back to: Where are there gaps in the market? How do we design products that fill these gaps? How do we avail access to more people the financial instruments that are typically reserved for the rich and famous?

What keeps you up at night?

Access to financial services and knowledge is so important. 

Finance is not a topic that’s openly discussed among many of us - even families. I've seen that play out in my own family. If my father had someone to guide him on how to save his money or how to better grow his money, we might have had more time together at the dinner table versus him taking up a second shift at night for that additional bit of income. 

I’m sure you also know of a 50- or 60-year-old who does not understand English and so can’t navigate their finances right? That’s what keeps me up at night. As much as people like to believe that Singapore is a well-educated and well-banked system, there are many who actually fall through the cracks. How do we take care of this group of people? And not just for the people of today but also the generations after? 

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