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Awaken the dragon.

Awaken the dragon

Expect a rollicking year ahead.

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In the blink of an eye, the Santa Claus mannequin is now wearing a large red hat and long robes and has been transformed into the God of Fortune and music has switched from Christmas jingles to Chinese New Year songs! 

12 years too long (for a population bump)

The Chinese Zodiac year of 2024 is the year of the dragon which has traditionally meant busy days at hospitals as parents, especially those wishing to take advantage of the Chinese zodiac cycle, welcome babies into the family. The last time the dragon year rolled around in 2012, a whopping 38,641 babies were born to families with at least one citizen or permanent resident and Singapore’s total fertility rate jumped to a five-year high of 1.29! 

According to the Chinese zodiac, the dragon year is auspicious and those born in the dragon year will be fortunate and blessed. Here’s hoping we get a bump in fertility rates again!

A season of giving

Red packets are synonymous with Chinese New Year but what is the significance? These gifts are tokens of good wishes to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. Have a bit more to spare? Consider giving back to charity or perhaps make food donations to those in need.

The importance  of saving

If you’re a parent, what do you do with all your child’s red packet “earnings”? Put it away in a savings account for them? Why not involve them and use this opportunity to show them the importance of saving and the magic of compound interest? If you have a GXS Savings Account, why not create a Saving Pocket just for your child’s savings, and let them watch their savings grow! Plus, they can watch their wealth grow on a daily basis as interest is credited daily, not monthly. 

By the way, we are running a series of programmes in the leadup to Chinese New Year! Spend on your GXS Debit Card and/or perform a range of actions with your GXS Savings Account and get a Cash Reward Boost or get your hands on some ang baos with cold hard cash! Take part in our campaign for CNY Bingo Ang Baos and GXS will donate S$12 to Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association (CARE Singapore) with each diagonal of the Bingo Card successfully completed by eligible customers. Now that’s a win-win. Terms and conditions and disclaimers apply. Find out more here.

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