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What the art?

It’s not about the art. It’s about the inspiration.

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Are art and banking unlikely bedfellows? Perhaps, on the surface of it. But there is a long and rich history there. Historically, wealthy bankers and merchants have been some of the greatest patrons of the arts. GXS Bank too is a very active patron of the arts, although perhaps not in the way you might be thinking. 

One of the ways we have chosen to honour art is in our brand launch. We found a group of artists whom we really liked, told them all about our mission to make banking better, and asked them what they thought were some conventions in society that are worth dismantling. 

Kristal Melson, Kenn Lam and Angela Chong came up with the following designs:


Art by Kristal Melson, Kenn Lam and Angela Chong

We also commissioned a mural at Bali Lane where we worked with local artist Zero to inject his personal style into a statement piece. 

Bali Lane mural

Why did we do this? We think that there are conventions worth keeping and there are conventions worth dismantling. Beyond banking, we also want to showcase other people from other fields who are doing amazing work inspiring the rest of us. 

For that reason, we spoke with all four artists (and then some) to find out more about them. Find their stories below.