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Loans can help uplift your life if used right.

Are loans bad?

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No, we don’t think so (surprise, surprise). But before you dismiss us, let us qualify that. 

Say you are looking to further your education but need that little financial boost. Or perhaps you are a fresh graduate looking to pay off your student loans? The return on investment for such a move is well worth the short-term pain of reducing your everyday spend in order to service a loan.

Or for the entrepreneurial among you, you might have a business plan that you have researched and tested and that meets a need but you just need a little something to help you start it. 

A loan can be empowering if you understand what it entails and you use it to improve your quality of life. 

Here are some questions consumers might want to think about when they consider taking out a loan: 

  • For how long do you need the loan? Are you able to pay it off early if you choose? 
  • What is the real cost of the loan? Unfortunately, there are often a number of hidden fees. It’s worth parsing through the nitty gritty to fully understand the costs that are baked in (processing fees/pre-payment fees etc)
  • How is the interest calculated? Are the terms and conditions clear?
  • Are there viable alternatives? With the rise of fintech there are an increasing number of options that may be a better fit for you. Take the time to explore new products in the market rather than gravitate to tried-and-tested brands. 

What is your story? If you have used a loan to uplift your life get in touch with us at

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