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Singapore Budget 2024 has a larger impact on your finances than you might think.

Singapore Budget 2024 vs your personal budget

It has a larger impact on your day-to-day than you think.

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Singapore’s 2024 Budget is being delivered on February 16 2024. Think it has nothing to do with you? Think again! It was in previous years’ budgets that issues such as the GST and voucher schemes to alleviate cost-of-living concerns were decided. Here are some of the issues people are talking about.

  1. Higher GST coupled with inflation is expected to drive up cost of living. What are some of the measures in place to ease cost of living pressures and promote economic competitiveness in Singapore? 
  2. Empowering those in need - What is being done to be more inclusive for persons with disabilities, uplifting lower-income families, and closing the gaps for children from these families? 
  3. Professional services firm Deloitte has suggested various measures to “optimise” Singapore’s personal tax system. These suggestions include tax relief for mortgage interest on owner-occupied homes as a move to encourage home ownership. Might it help tame a frothy property market? 

By the way, we took to the streets to speak with Singaporeans and find out how they feel about 2024 and what they hope to achieve this year! Keep an eye out for updates on that.

What are you looking forward to in Budget 2024 and the coming year? Drop us a line at

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