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We need to talk about loans

We need to talk about loans

People don't talk much about loans. Why?

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We talk quite a bit about money here at Betterzine. Money is, after all, a topic that has an impact on all aspects of our lives and one that is difficult to avoid. 

And yet in general, we don’t talk much about loans. Which got us curious. We believe that loans can empower people and enable them to hit their goals. But what exactly are these dreams that people are setting out to achieve? 

To understand how some customers have used the GXS FlexiLoan to enrich their lives and that of their tribe, we decided to go ask them! 

6 in 10 people took out a loan to further their education and careers! 

When it comes to travel, people love the idea of tasting new cultures!

Psst! Did you know that we don't charge annual, processing or early repayment fees for the GXS FlexiLoan? Plus with flexible repayments, you call the shots! Choose your preferred tenure and repayment date to pay what you can, when you can. Find out more here.